Legenda Ular Kepala Tujuh (Kisah Rakyat Bengkulu)



Once, in an area in Bengkulu, Indonesia, established a kingdom called Kutei Rukam led by King Bikau Bermano. Bikau Bermano king had eight sons. At one time, King Bikau Bermano solemnize marriages Meram elephant named his son with a princess of the Kingdom of Love Affairs Jinggai named Princess. Initially, the ceremony runs smoothly. However, when the elephant Meram with his future wife is doing in the shower with a procession of ceremonial baths Aket located on the shores of Lake tests, all of a sudden they disappeared. No one knows where the couple’s disappearance.

Meanwhile at the palace, the king and queen Bikau Bermano began to worry, because the elephant Meram and his bride had not yet returned to the palace. Therefore, there is something to worry about his son and prospective son, the King immediately sent some people to follow their commander. The commander was surprised when he reached the edge of the lake was not found Meram Elephant and his future wife. After searching around the lake and did not find them, the commander returned to the palace.

“Please, Your Majesty! We did not find the crown prince and princess Jinggai, “reported a commander. “What did you say?” Asked the King to panic. “Yes, Your Majesty! We’ve tried to search around the lake, but we did not find them, “added another commander with a salute. “Where are they?” Asked the King added to panic. Mercy, Lord! We also do not know, “replied the commander of the messengers at once.

Hearing this answer, King Bikau Bermano silent. He looked nervous and anxious about the situation and prospective son-in-law. He stood up, walked back and forth, stroking his beard had turned white. “Treasurer! Collect the entire district chief and the royal family now! “The King’s command to the treasurers. “Yes, sire,” replied the treasurer said, saluting.

Moments later, the whole district chief and the royal family gathered in the court room. “O, my people! Do any of you are aware of the existence and prospective son-son, “asked the King Bikau Bermano. No one trial participants who answered the question. The atmosphere of the trial to be quiet. In the silence, suddenly reap a tun (parents) relatives Jinggai Princess of the Kingdom of Love Affairs who was also present to speak. “Sincerely I am, Your Majesty! If allowed, the servant would like to say something. ”

“Do it, Tun reap! Do you know where my son and daughter Jinggai? “Asked the King of curiosity. “Please, Your Majesty! As far as I am, the crown prince and the princess was kidnapped by the King Snakes Jinggai that reigned in the Lake Test, “the tun reap as he saluted. “The king snake is very powerful, but cunning, ruthless and likes annoying people who were bathing in the lake test,” he added. “Did you say it, Tun reap?” Asked the King. “Yes, sire,” replied tun reap it.

“Then, we must immediately save the son and candidates in-law. We must not continue to dissolve in grief, “said the King. “But how, my lord?” Said one commander. The king again fell silent. He started puzzling over how to free his son and future daughter-who were detained by the King Snakes in the bottom of Lake Tests.

“Please, Father!” Said the Elephant ters, the youngest son of the king. “What, my son!” Said the King as he cast his eyes toward his son. “Let Ananda went to free my brother and his wife!” Pleaded Gaja ters to his father. All trial participants were surprised, especially the King. He never thought before when her son 13-year-old has considerable courage.

“What is Ananda was able to resist the King of Snakes,” asked the King. “We can, Father!” Answered the Elephant ters. “What are you doing, son? Your brother who is an adult not able to fight the King Snake, “said the king doubted the ability of his youngest son. “Please, Father! Ananda wanted to talk to the father, mother, and all who are present here. Actually, since I was 10 years almost every night Ananda dreamed of a grandfather who taught science Ananda supernatural powers, “the story of the Elephant ters.

Elephants hear stories ters, the King smiled. He was amazed to his youngest son is really humble. Despite having a high knowledge, he never exhibited it to others, including his family. “But, really who you say it, son?” Asked the King. “Yes, Father!” Answered the Elephant ters.

“All right! Tomorrow you can go to free your brother and his wife. But, on the condition, you have to go meditate on the Right to acquire weapons Topes heritage, “said the King. “Yes, Father!” Answered the Elephant ters.

The next day, went to the Elephant ters Right Topes are situated between the capital of the Kingdom of Love Affairs and a new village to be imprisoned. For seven days and seven nights, Elephant ters meditate with full concentration, not eating and not drinking. After carrying out his meditation, heirloom Elephant ters were obtained in the form of a keris and a scarf. Keris was able to make its way in the water so it can pass without having to dive. While the shawl can be transformed into a sword.

After that, the Elephant ters back to the palace with the two inheritance. However, when it reached the village Macang Telang, he saw some soldiers were guarding the frontiers of the kingdom palace Kutei Rukam and Love Affairs. Therefore do not want to be seen by the soldiers, elephants ters plunge into the river water to Lake Test Ketahun holding keris inheritance. He was surprised because it seemed as if walking on land and did not touch the water.

Ters Elephant originally intended to go back to the palace, but when he arrived at Lake Tests, he changed his mind to immediately seek the King Snake. Ters elephants were diving to the bottom of the lake. Not long ago, he found a hiding place of King snake. He saw a gate in front of the largest cave entrance. Without thinking, he headed to the mouth of the cave. However, it will enter the mouth of the cave, he suddenly confronted by two large snakes.

“Hey, man! Who are you? How dare you come in here! “Threatened one of the snake. “I was about to release my brother Elephant ters,” said the Elephant ters defiantly. “You must not go!” Intercepted the snake. Therefore ters Elephants do not want to lose, then there was a heated debate, and the fight was inevitable. At first, the snake was able to fight, but after a while they can be defeated by Elephant ters.

After that, the Elephant ters continue down the hallway to get into the cave. Each pass through the door, he is always confronted by two large snakes. However, Elephant ters always win in a fight. When going through the seventh door, suddenly heard the sound of laughter Elephant ters uproariously. “Ha … ha … ha …, son of man, young man!”

“Hey, King of Snakes! Come out if you dare! “Said the Elephant ters while backed up a few langkah.Merasa challenged, the King Snake was hissing. Desisannya issued a puff of smoke. Moments later, smoke was transformed into a giant snake. “Great to have you child! While no human being is capable of entering the palace. You mean who and what you coming? “Asked the king snake.

“I’m the Elephant ters, the son of King of the Kingdom Kutei Bikau Bermano Rukam,” answered the Elephant ters. “Let my brother and his wife, or I destroy this palace!” Added Elephant ters threatening. “Ha … ha …. ha …., child, child! I will deliver your brother, but you have to fill syaratku, “said the King Snake. “What condition is it?” Said the Elephant ters.

“First, restart the bodyguard who have you killed. Secondly, you have to beat me, “replied the King Snakes berbahak laughing out loud. “Well, if you wish, hey Satan!” Said the Elephant ters challenging. With supernatural powers derived from his grandfather in a dream, elephant ters immediately ran one by one eye snakes that have been killed while reciting mantras. In an instant, the snakes came back to life. The snake king was surprised at the little miracle child.

“I admire you, child! You have successfully fulfilled the first syaratku, “said King Snake. “But you will not be able to meet the second requirement, namely to beat me. Ha … ha … ha ….! “Added the King Snakes back laughing. “Bring kesaktianmu, if you dare!” Challenged Elephant ters.

Without thinking, the king snake was wagging his tail straight in the direction of Elephant ters. Ters elephants that are ready immediately swerved to the lively, so avoid the wagging tail of the King Snake. A fight ensued. Both were attacked by issuing successive moves of each magic. A fight between man and beast in balance.

It has been five days and five nights they fought, but no one is invincible. When entering the sixth day, the King Snake from fatigue and nearly exhausted. The opportunity was not wasted by Elephant ters. He continued to attack until finally the king snake is pressed. At the right moment, Elephant ters immediately thrust her shawl which had turned into a sword to the stomach of King Snake.

“Ouch…. sick….!” Cried the King Snakes bear the pain. Seeing the King Snakes are not helpless, Elephant ters back a few steps just in case anyone knows the king snake suddenly attacked him again. “You’re great, kid! I admit defeat, “said King Snake. Heard of that, Elephant ters were soon freed his brother and daughter Jinggai confined in a room.

Meanwhile at the palace, King Bikau Bermano and all the royal family hit by anxiety. It’s been two weeks Elephants ters had not yet returned from his hermitage. Therefore, the king ordered a commander to follow Elephant ters in the Right Topes. However, before the commander had gone, all of a sudden one of his commander who was assigned to keep the bathing place on the shores of Lake test came with haste.

“Please, Your Majesty! Ters Elephants Elephants are back together and Princess Jinggai Meram, “reported the commander. “Ah, how is it possible? Ters not the elephant was in seclusion at Topes Right? “Asked the king surprised.

“Please, Your Majesty! We are standing guard at the lake was also surprised, suddenly emerged from the Elephant ters in the lake with the Elephants and Princess Jinggai Meram. Apparently, after imprisoned for seven days and seven nights, Elephant ters go straight to the palace of the King snake and managed to liberate Elephant Jinggai Meram and Princess, “said the commander.

“Ooo, that!” Replied the King, smiling.

Not long after, ters Elephant, Elephant Meram, and Princess Jinggai arrived, escorted by a district chief in charge of maintaining the bathhouse. Their arrival was welcomed by the King and all the royal family. The news might return Elephant Elephant ters Meram and spread rapidly throughout the country. To welcome the success of the King held a feast for seven days and seven nights. After that, the King gave the throne to the Elephant Meram. However, the elephant refused to surrender power Meram.

“Please, Father! The most entitled to the throne ters is Elephants. He is most credited with this country, and he also saved Jinggai Ananda and daughter, “said the Elephant Meram. “Well, if you do not mind. Will you be the king, my son? “The King then asked the Elephant ters.

“Please, Father! Ananda would be king, but Ananda has one request, “answered the Elephant ters given conditions. “Is it your wish, my son?” Asked the King of curiosity. “If the king Ananda, can lift King Ananda Snake and his followers became commander of this kingdom?” Pleaded Elephant ters.

Ters Elephant request is granted by the King. Finally, King Snake that has conquered the kingdom was appointed commander Kutei Rukam.

Ters of this adventure story elephant gave birth to the story of Snake Head Seven. The snake was believed by the people as gatekeepers Lebong Lake Tests. Nest was in the Gulf until the glue under the Pondok Lucuk. Therefore, if passed over the lake by boat, the people did not dare to say reckless Lebong.


Thus the story of the Seven Snake Head Lebong District, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. Folklore in the category of legends that contain moral messages. There are at least two moral message to be learned from the story above, the nature of the humble, and know yourself.

First, the nature of humility. These properties are reflected in the behavior of elephants ters. Despite having a high knowledge, he never show off and brag. These properties can foster kinship ties. As was stated in the following verse strands:

O beloved mother of the child

do not be a big headache

lowered to the human heart

rope so that his eternal

Second, know the nature of self. These properties are reflected in the behavior of elephants Meram. He should have the right to be crowned king, but upon realizing that his brother had supernatural powers higher than himself, so he handed power to his brother Rukam Kutei Kingdom, Elephant ters. From this it can be learned a lesson that by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of himself, someone would know to put yourself in the association of daily life. It is said in the Malay phrase:

what signs to know him:

servant knows his Lord

child’s parents announcing

King announcing SOVEREIGN

pious announcing his book

commander announcing strong

cleverly announcing wise

announcing his science teacher

parents announcing amanahnya

announcing a lack of young

announcing over the lack of


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